Trade Mission Seattle, Vancouver May 2005:

Enterprise Ireland, is organising a Trade mission to Seattle and Vancouver in May 2005 and this will be led by The President of Ireland, Mary Mc Aleese.

The aim of the Trade Mission is to maximise opportunities for Enterprise Ireland client companies active in or interested in these markets.

Enterprise Ireland, with the assistance of in-market experts will facilitate Trade Mission participants with an itinerary of focused meetings.

Enterprise Ireland will also host a series of networking events in each country.

About Enterprise Ireland:

Enterprise Ireland is the government agency responsible for the development of Irish industry. We work in partnership with client companies to help them build a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

Its mission is to help Irish companies to build their competitive advantage through innovative marketing and technology. Enterprise Ireland offices are a worldwide link to international buyers with Ireland's competitive capability.

Enterprise Ireland is an organisation that delivers value through sharing and dissemination of knowledge, and by building relationships for clients with key partners locally and internationally and with the research community. We also add value through the use of financial resources to leverage the business development of clients.

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Enterprise Ireland supports a vibrant aerospace sector operating in Ireland. There are over 160 aerospace companies based in Ireland employing 15,000 people and producing a wide variety of aerospace goods and services. These include:

  • The maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft engine and components
  • The development of new MRO technologies such as ‘power by the hour’
  • Precision manufacturing and prototyping of engine components
  • Aerospace design technologies such as tooling design and fluid dynamics
  • Inventory management and supply technologies designed to reduce cost and increase service levels
  • The development of software for such applications as aircraft management, inflight and the Global Fleet Registry

As a mark of our standing in the industry, Ireland competed for, and was successful in being the location for the Global Fleet Registry. Ireland also developed the software used in the Registry.

Ireland carries out significant levels of research & development both at company level, in our universities and colleges and joint research between our universities and industry. At a research level the focus is on the European Strategic Research Agenda. The Strategic Research Agenda provides a vision of the technology requirements of the air transport sector looking 20 years ahead.


Enterprise Ireland supports a number of leading Irish wireless and telecommunications companies. Ireland has become a hotbed of innovation for emerging technologies in Europe, and is an ideal market for US-based companies to establish a European presence.

These companies are established in the hottest industry segments, including:

  • Billing, rating and mediation
  • Roaming and Settlement Solutions
  • Wireless-LAN
  • Infotainment
  • Telecoms Middleware
  • Messaging
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Mobility Platforms
  • eLearning
  • Location Aware Solutions
  • Personalization
  • Blogging

The most exciting Irish telecommunications companies focused on increasing international market share and global outreach by building partnerships, and a network of distributors and subsidiaries, will be participating on the Trade Mission to Seattle on 23rd-26th May 2005.


These companies together, represent a number solutions, essential for the successful Enterprise. Business has never had to move so quickly. In today's competitive global market, business decisions are almost instant, and their impact is almost immediate. As one of the most globalised countries in world, Irish companies has much to offer businesses across the globe.

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